Impulsive move

This semester, I have perhaps 20+ books to read for school. Most of these books are novels; most of them I only have to read a few chapters (thank God). Therefore, I would like to make a challenge for myself.

Before, I had been counting the number of books as I read them over Twitter, and I’ll still do that. But I’d like to add comments, reviews, miscellanea to keep my interest in these books. Considering the fact that they are for school, I may lose my enthusiasm for reading them, so I’m going to blog about them.

I’ll add reviews about books that I’m reading outside of school. And if I feel particularly enthusiastic about movies or music that I’ve just seen or heard, then I’ll post OT blogs on them.

It doesn’t matter if anyone reads my reviews, or understands or likes what I am saying. It will be good practice for me to do critical reviews. And if my comments do not seem important enough to you, dear reader, then that is your problem. I am going to try and have a good time with these books.

So, without further adieu, on this cold and blasted windy day, I open this blog up for the flood of books for my second semester of school, which I have already begun reading.


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